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Eprojex offers an incentive to our visitors who refer friends and colleagues to use our services. Incentives offered when you refer a Client who purchases our service, or an approved Associate Service Provider are:
Service Provider
Corporate $20
Professional $8
Project $500-1000 $20
Project over $1000 $35
All prices are quoted in US$
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Professionals and experts in their field wishing to become Associates of a dedicated team may apply for Provider status. This is done by submitting a profile summary, attaching a resume, portfolio and paying the required Associate fee. These fees are for the maintenance and upgrade of the website and associated costs.

Associates receive 70% of their quoted charges. Eprojexsolutions retains 30% to cover costs such as administration, billing, fees charged by payment agencies and banks, investigations, marketing, etc. Eprojexsolutions cannot guarantee that Associates will always be selected for jobs, but we encourage you to bid for projects in your category, until you are successful.

Eprojexsolutions offers three (3) types of Associate Membership Plans. The following table sets out the (non-refundable) Membership fee for each service category.





Membership Period














Membership fees are non-refundable.

Associate Service Provider is an independent service contractor and is therefore responsible for the payment of his/her taxes.

All fees (wire transfers, taxes, if applicable) relating to the transfer of payment to Service Provider are the responsibility of the Service Provider. We encourage Associates to establish bank accounts for Eprojexsolutions to transfer fee payment. (See FAQ )

Eprojexsolutions enables Providers to track their account balances, payment terms, payment history, and bidding history.

Service Providers are contracted to Eprojexsolutions and not the Clients. Service Providers are encouraged to adhere to all terms of their contracts. Eprojexsolutions employs its own security measures to track and prevent circumvention.