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Freedom to Choose Only the Things You Want to Do!
started by alpha at 01:36:09 am on May 05, 2008 in Project Writers...Freedom At Last!


Its been over a year I have been working on developing Project Writers. 

The call to develop Project Writers arose out of my own business situation.  I had several problems I needed to solve to advance my business.  Chief among them were:

1.  Finding adequate, qualified Associates, and at the right price.  I figured that if I could find more associates I could grow my business even more.  I asked around and found a few, some at prohibitive rates. I also thought that if I had a data bank of associates, and I could ask them to quote me their best rates to do a job, and I could choose the best associate for the job based on experience and rate.

2.  Need for increased business..  Well I felt that, if I had enough experienced associates, I could solicit more business.  To achieve this, I would now need a medium to tell as many potential clients about my business.  Thus, I figured the first step was a website to advance this proposition.  Next, would be marketing to direct persons to the website.

4.  Minimizing my overhead costs and the tyrany of paper.  This would be acheived through a virtual environment that would reduce the demand for physical space and its accompanying costs.

3.  Becoming known.  I have done or assisted in so many projects in Jamaica, many well established and profitable business (e.g. Paymaster) and few persons were aware of me.  (Note - I specialize in project development and implementation).  I have chided by persons why don't I leverage my experiences.  Well, I can use the website to do that.

4.  Embuing as many persons to achieve their maximum potential.  I figured the greatest and most inexpensive way I can help to instill  the "yes, you can" spirit in others is via a website.

Well I reasoned, If I developed the Project Writers business, it could not only solve my problems but could also solve other people persons problems.  I figured that:

A.  I could expand to other categories of services.  That other service persons/institutions could become associates of Project Writers, offering quality service to customers.

B. Project Writers could become a service market place.  We would established service standards, and check and balances, so that clients/customers can feel confident to use our services with an assurance of best quality at reasonable rates.  Where they can monitor and  approve the quality of the completed project; and where they can help us maintain only the highest rated service provider as an associate.

C.  Where institutions can use outsourcing as a business practice.  No more unnecessary full-time staff

D.  Greater savings from the bidding process.

E.  Managers and individuals can outsource all or some of their assignments.  Thus, using their time to do the things they want to do or wanted to do.    

F.  Qualified and experience associate service provides earn extra income while in an existing, or gain project employment.

We are aimed at changing the paradigm of contracting services, and enabling persons to make greater to make lifestyle choices.  Whether you use the money you save for greater good;  the time you save, or the financial independence acquired to enjoy yourself, its Freedom at last!!

Barbara, alphab Jones

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  I am a supporter of outsourcing.
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