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Eprojex offers an incentive to our visitors who refer friends and colleagues to use our services. Incentives offered when you refer a Client who purchases our service, or an approved Associate Service Provider are:
Service Provider
Corporate $20
Professional $8
Project $500-1000 $20
Project over $1000 $35
All prices are quoted in US$
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I do not have a computer, can I access your services?
Yes. You will have to contact our offices and you will be told the procedures to make it happen.

I do not have a credit card, how can I pay for services?
Project Writers offers several methods. Choose from the list to make payment.

How long will my project take to be completed?
You will receive a Statement of Work which will state how long the project will take to be completed

Can I choose who I want to do my project?
You can. At your request you will be given a list of qualified Associates for your project and their experience summary

I do not want my project to be done by a local Associate Service Provider
In this case we will submit your project to one of our international associates for completion.

How can you assure me that my project will be kept confidential?
Project Writers upholds the highest standards of integrity which are embodied in a confidentiality agreement signed by Project Writers and its Associate Service Providers.

How can I be assured that my project will be completed to my satisfaction?
We’ll assign your project to a qualified and experienced Associate and ask that our Clients provide us with clear project description and scope. In most categories of work we have Reviewers whose responsibility is to review projects before submission to Clients. Our communication with Clients during the process also ensures Clients receive what they requested.

How many reviews will I be given before completion of my project?
Clients will be given a maximum of two (2) reviews before final submission of a project.

Can I make variations to my project?
Yes. This can be done through a change order request, and would affect project cost.

Will I receive the source codes, etc. at the completion of my project?
Yes. We will hand over all codes and relevant data for your use.

I do not have a computer, can I access your services?
Yes. You will have to contact our offices and you will be told the procedures to make it happen.

Will I retain all rights to my project?
All rights are transferred to the Client at the end of the project.

How do I communicate with Project Writers during my project?
We encourage you to use the Private Notice Board (PNB) to communicate matters relating to your project, as this helps in the communication trail. Clients may also email us at projectawarded@projectwriters.com, identifying project id#, Associate Service Provider #, and your communication number. Kindly use the reply e-mail format when emailing us. Facsimile is also accepted using the foregoing format.

What is the duration of membership plans?
Membership plans are for a period of one year from the date of payment of membership fees.

As an Associate Service Provider, am I guaranteed jobs?
No. An Associate Service Provider will be asked to bid on jobs. At the discretion of Project Writers, the project will be awarded to the most suitable Associate. Associates are encouraged to keep checking project postings and bid accordingly.

What can cause the membership of an Associate to be barred?
Violating a contract; poor ratings by Clients; falsifying qualifications and experience; plagiarism; circumvention and generally unethical professional conduct.

How are Associate Service Providers paid?
All Associates are asked to establish bank accounts with designated local banks, Paypal, US banks, or escrow accounts with Project Writers.

Can I ask for clarification of project before quoting on the job?
Yes. You are encouraged to do so if such clarification is necessary.

Can I cancel a project?
Yes. You can cancel a project before acceptance of the terms of payment. Client must notify Project Writers via online, fax, or email submission.